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interact with video images and traditional 3-D targets. The red chip on the reader appears to be what stores the generic Commtech reader sounds, but the fact that its removable suggests to me that you would be able to store any Commtech sound you wish on these memory chips, then plug them into. 05.08.00 1:00pm EST posted by Greg More discussion m have the slave I available on their website for.99. Custom imperial hangar.18.00 12:30pm EST posted by Greg More discussion Dan Sparks sent this in: Ive built an (to scale with potf2 figures) Imperial Hangar with Custom TIE Bomber in storage rack. Only available at Entertainment Earth ( m ) and the Star Wars Fan Club! PMT newsfeed.06.00 8:00am EST posted by Dustin More discussion Back in stock now at m is the Trade Federation Battle Tank and it includes a free OOM9 Figure! So what does this mean? Also if you havent already, please add your name to the petition for a new potf2 B-Wing fighter.0100 wuher shipping.29.00 6:35am EST posted by Greg More discussion Alan Ford wrote in to say that he received his Wuher from the Fan Club recently, and. It was given away with a pre-ordered video, and made by Applause. Update: To clear up any confusion, the Ammo Wagon has NOT been cancelled it just wont be a Wal*Mart exclusive.

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Eopie with QUI-GON.24.00  11:00am EST posted by Greg More discussion For those who have asked me about this item in the past, I can now say that is has not been cancelled. Bibble wave.04.00  12:20pm EST posted by Brian More discussion DollsKollekt has the Sio Bibble wave and the 12 Han Endor in stock. Kebco 2000 PRE orders.07.00  6:15pm EST posted by Dustin More discussion Ken from m writes in to let everyone know that they are extending the pre-order special till May 25th. Once again, we would like to extend our apologies and as always. Skiff scalping.10.00  1:15pm EST posted by Greg More discussion Something that is definitely to be avoided is buying a Skiff from a scalper at an inflated price.

Robert Musco has unearthed this Commtech Memory Chip which seems to have been planned to go with the new set. Even though we know August is Summer, that is when the fall line for Target starts shipping. Her Majestys battle fatigues are crafted of lush purple velvet and satin with gold piping and her holster deeply cradles her 2 position-barrel blaster. Of course she shared with daddy and my overall opinion is pretty cool stuff for being free! Time to start hunting again! They said that their shipment was damaged and they were sorting through them, so they may have sent out the damaged ones to fill the orders. Which, if any, of those other two rumored figures will be coming soon also remains to be soon. You will not find these cases at this low price again, ever! Follow this link to the poll and place your vote.