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worried that it will undo itself randomly over time. Please bring it back! 4 out of 5 stars Courtney :27am I love this yarn! I've made hats, scarves, and mostly blankets with this and it's beautiful. 1 out of 5 stars Jill P 6:25am I absolutely love the vibrancy and movement of color within this yar, but was so disappointed with the consistency of the yarn itself.

I was going to use it to make a gift for a family member, but I'm afraid that will not come to pass. I won't be buying any more. 1 out of 5 stars Ellen 7:32pm I recently purchased chroma worsted.

Please bring them back! 3 out of 5 stars Tina Stammer :41am I am disappointed in the consistancy of the yarn weight. Sorry to say, this is no longer my go-to fiber. The thickness of the yarn goes from fingering to somewhat worsted at it seems whenever it pleases, and the worsted places are very unsound and can easily pull apart, which if you don't know how to join well can ruin a project. While the colours were amazing and it knitted beautifully at first, I noticed many, many places where the wool was not fully spun. Ravelryers want this colour desperately. The thickness of the yarn makes almost a chunky stitch rather than worsted. It feels very unsubstantial, like it could shred at any moment. It's like working with slightly felted roving (I actually saw someone else put that in a review too!) The yarn would go from thin and consistent to thick out of nowhere. I'd recommend ordering one skein and ensuring you like it before relying on this colorway enough to order multiples.

There were a few spots that were a little thicker but it had no ill effect on the finished project, and one very tiny knot that was so small it cannot be seen and did not affect the colorway, I've had more problems with more. Now I come back to the website and it's gone! I wish they would take these colors and add them to a more traditionally plied yarn like Felici or Swish because the colors are just so beautiful. Overall a beautiful yarn which I'd love to use again. I especially dislike it when it's thick and fuzzy. I think my favorite color is Mix Tape, but that has been discontinued. I'll just invest in large quantities of Benadryl and keep on knitting and crocheting.