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yokoso japanese restaurant coupons

to become an idol can come aboard, rechristening it as Neo Venus Ark. After helping restore some flowers with her singing, Aria explains how she was approached by Hime to join her around the world. Getting roped into the contest too, Yume and Koharu end up joining Soleil's team while Rola joins TriStar's team, learning all about each other. On the first day of the audition, after meeting a janitor who advises her that "simple is the best Rola becomes downhearted when the judges feel her attempts at standing lollipops discount coupons out feel forced. After a brief assault of hungry pigeons, Yuno falls asleep on the rooftop.

Receiving some notes to help with her performance, Yume notices how hard Rola works and aims to work hard herself, and the two soon manage to find common ground. While helping out with maintenance and looking after the elderly visitors, Rola is constantly scolded by an old man for her sloppy work. 3 "Towards the Sky of My Color" "Watashi Iro no Sora e" april 21, 2016, with the class sorting auditions approaching, Yume worries that she isn't good enough to join the Song Class.

Having found all seven luckies, the girls realise individuality is something they need to find for themselves. Hidamari Sketch 365 edit # Title Original air date 01 (13) "Ume-sensei, Nice to Meet You!" "Hajimemashite! Meanwhile, as Yume feels saddened over her loss, Hime praises her for how much she has staples banner coupon code grown in the past year, encouraging both her and Rola to face her again some day. After remembering a promise she made with Yuzu to sing together, however, Lily steps up to join Yuzu in her music video, with their contrasting individualities drawing out each other's best qualities. 29 "True Rivals" "Hont no Raiburu" October 27, 2016 As the girls take part in an audition to perform during a soccer half-time show, Koharu is conflicted about potentially having to relocate to Italy with her family.

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yokoso japanese restaurant coupons