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Nasa discount code

nasa discount code

this? Answer: The difference in the way that the moon appears to those in the north versus those in the south is simply due to perspective, not the Earths rotundity. . YOU ARE being lied TO BY everyone involved including your pastor. ALL WE CAN SEE IS what IS real-THE opening where THE flood waters above came down during THE great flood. 4, once they were successful, the atmospheric test ban was signed, the Antarctic treaty was signed keeping it off limits, then. Just look how and where all that education got those two who publicly ignore and protest that The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth His handywork. HOW CAN nasa BE SO stupid? From ancient civilizations to modern times we are told that the earth is flat with a dome Hebrew, Ancient Egyptian, Babylonians, Chinese, Indians, Greeks, Poets, Philosophers, Historians and modern evidences tell us that the earth is flat. The Bible clearly states the earth is flat covered by a dome. have THE educrat lackeys finished OF your childrens connection TO THE ONE WHO PUT THE 75,000 miles OF circulatory system IN THE incredible bodies?

(Bear in mind that the moon is being viewed from beneath. . Thank the school district personell for all this moral relativism, political correctness, joke science and of course the 65 shots in your childrens bloodstreams and the wireless device in their laps. It was founded by and run by Satanic devil worshiping occultists and black magicians. The significance of viewing perspective can easily be demonstrated by the following: Walk to one side of the room. What are these people thinking?

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The flight paths are a total joke until you plot them on the flat earth map that the UN uses for its flag and all of a sudden they become straight lines. Please email with your. Because the moons path generally follows the equator (staying between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn those south of the equator view it from a different angle than those north of the equator. . Why are they silent? Open your eyes before THE screen time induced macular degeneration makes IT NO longer possible TO perceive reality THE waive year OLD does with THE GOD given gift OF HIS TWO eyeballs half closed. The lies have it ladies and gentlemen, and they also have your children all by the throat. This was necessary to perfect the microwave communications that are accomplished by bouncing a signal off of the dome. Like their boss, lucifer, they are liars, thieves and murderers. The government has had a monopoly over the media, press and academia for decades.

nasa discount code

Nasa members, please email us some details on the deal you d like to offer. Make yourself at home in one of the most stylish hotels in Clear Lake, TX, and enjoy our convenient Nassau Bay location, spacious rooms, on-site dining and free Wi-Fi. Explore the Houston area at the SpringHill Suites Houston. Our Seabrook hotel offers free WiFi and breakfast as well as a lobby bar and outdoor patio. Nasa, clear Lake hotel offers 242 guest rooms and suites offering tranquil waterfront views located near Johnson Space Center.

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