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Oyster point tours promo code

oyster point tours promo code

accurate when he wrote that Eric Bloom said "if you want to see a rock and roll show you DO NOT throw things at the band with one addition. I went home with a couple dozen extra tickets. The opening act was (at the time an unknown act called) Boston - they rocked. BOC was the main reason we went, but were looking forward to three days of partying and music. Available until: Price: There are five different specials running until 31 July, 2018. Thanks also go to Art Liming for help uncovering some new gigs. Yes, I am one of the few, the proud, the blessed, who have experienced the Blue Oyster Cult laser show in full glory, and it is humbling, to say the least. "See she said, " I was born in Chicago.

I saw BOC at Erie County Field House in Sept. (Two weeks later, on October 31st, we promoted the. S25.00 for 24 hours of work and I got stiffed on the tee shirt. I was at that that concert, met a friends that we went to that gig. Final sale items are not eligible for return. The "King Biscuit Flower Hour" recorded the show live.

Afterwards, we decided to get tix for their show the following week at the Seattle Center Coliseum. Then we found that the promoter had left with the money and from the booking agent in New York we learned that.T.O.