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talk pages and much time. Users have been edit-warring for six years now over stationery hq coupon code how to describe. While we are at it, should it be punctuated.).", or punctuated as? Phone, are you a member or veteran of the military?

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Umbc Long edit war back in 2005 regarding whether the school is located in Arbutus, Baltimore, or Catonsville. If so is it really required to make it? Is such information canon? Hitler Has Only Got One Ball Can anonymously written folk songs be copyrighted? Since it was unthinkable that any of the warring camps were wrong in their contentions, it must have been the npov policy that was faulty. Ongoing debates deal with the format of dates, and the used or unused, existing or non-existent surnames family names house names former fiefs (some inherited names, but very few are sure what they precisely are) of monarchs and relatively unfamiliar variants of those (as well. At one point a few editors made an effort to eliminate the letter from the sections and the markup, leading to the removal of the Table of Contents, edit buttons, and reference tags. A very heated war broke out here regarding which one should be featured, whether a disambig page was needed, even over the usage of the apostrophe eventually literally degenerating into "my lake is better than yours!" Solution: rename THE freakin' lakes! Despite the fact that even the German version of the page wasn't consistent, many editors were convinced that they knew best, and the edit war still lives. Whether "Angels Airwaves" is a band or "Angels Airwaves" are a band. Does being licensed by Nintendo make Rareware publications "official"?

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