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Now if you read a lot of the articles from this website you will have noticed this cigar never made my list for Top Cigars of 2011. Aromas of sour shoe leather come to mind when whiffing the stick, and foot smells of simple pipe tobacco. Nevertheless, the cigar stands on its own as the finest from AJ so far in my honest opinion, along with the AF1 and AF2 from Emilio cigars. All throughout the flavors were balanced and vivid. The foot lights up quick with a torch and large amounts of smoke can be pulled from the stick. Body starts out full from the start and hits with some light pepperiness. La Casa del Habano The Hague is a place and a way of creating the most exquisite tastes of all cigar lovers. Rating: 1 ( : 3, : 2) m guarantees delivery worldwide, corningware coupon outlet including the United States.

Best Cigar Prices and choose from a wide selection of amazing hand rolled cigars that will help you relax after a delicious dinner. Well, well, well, its been a big year for AJ Fernandez when you add up the accolades that Emilio Cigars and San Lotano garnered in 2011. The Oval, being probably the most anticipated release. Welcome to Cigar Inspector s directory of cigar shops and stores where you will find reviews, contact info and more! Extra 50 Off Markdowns for Savings Up to 70 Off!

Immediate notes of cognac, leather, and beef jerky. Construction : The very thick wrapper was a little difficult to cut through with my guillotine cutter. Filler : Nicaraguan Honduran, binder : Nicaraguan, hand-Made, price :.70, well, well, well, its been a big year for AJ Fernandez when you add up the accolades that Emilio Cigars and. But for a limited production stick from AJ Fernandez, this one stands out above hundreds of sticks and is easily worth the money. But the more and more I smoked of this stick I really got to liking it more and more. Rating: 1 ( : 52, : 51 cigar International boasts an impressive range of non-Cuban cigars - all the most famous brands seem to be there. 1st Third : After the first few puffs the flavor level dials down a little bit and the cognac flavor slightly drops off leaving me a little disappointed. It was a difficult decision to leave this off my Top Cigars of 2011 list. 2nd Third : No longer is the stick anywhere near full bodied but more a solid medium.